Southwest Portland’s largest non-profit soccer club.

Fall 24 Rec Soccer registration now open

Instilling a lifelong love of soccer in our community

Foothills has proudly served families in Southwest Portland for over 40 years. With both recreational and academy programs available, we offer a path for all players, regardless of where they are on their soccer journey. Our goal is to develop a lifelong love of soccer which can only be accomplished by being inclusive and offering equal opportunities to all.

Competitive Spirit. Community Soul.

It’s our motto and it’s part of our DNA. It means we play to win, but not at any cost. We believe that being a positive member of our community is just as important as winning. The two go hand in hand. At Foothills, we strive to create a positive environment where our players can advance their soccer skills, but enhance their life skills along the way.

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Foothills Soccer Club

Soccer Opportunities For All Levels

Home Turf Campaign

Foothills Soccer Club is looking for a new home. We are raising funds to develop a new soccer facility. Learn how you can support our efforts.