As part of our commitment to supporting our community, the Foothills Soccer Club is pleased to be able to award assistance each season to qualified recipients to ensure that every child in our community can build a lifelong love of soccer regardless of financial situation.

Scholarships are available for both Recreational and Academy Program members and can range from 10 – 100% against program fees. To apply for assistance please complete the application and return it to our Club Treasurer (

Higher levels of assistance require additional supporting documentation to ensure qualification. Once we receive your complete application, a review will be performed by the board and a response will be made within two weeks. We will make every effort to accommodate the requested level of assistance, but depending on volume of applications and available funds, we may have to offer a reduced award or one that combines other options to reduce the overall cost.

Note: For our Academy Program, awards cannot be made before Tryouts are complete. However, you are welcome to complete the application ahead of Tryouts so that we can make a determination once teams have been formed.

Send our Treasurer a note if you have any questions!