Foothills Soccer Recreational Soccer Program

Foothills Recreational Soccer program is available to all players 4 to 14 years of age.

Our U7-U14 program runs through Portland Youth Soccer Association (PYSA) and has separate boys & girls teams. The age group your child will play in is determined by their grade in school. It is generally offered to those children in 1st – 8th grade.

Little ones

We also have a U6/Kinder program for players who are looking for their first opportunity to get out on the field.

Coach your kids!

Volunteer coaches are the lifeblood of our Recreational Soccer program. Please consider helping coach your player’s team.

Scholarships are available for those in need. Please check out our scholarships page.

Spring Season

  • Details

    Spring Recreational season is games only, on Saturdays. There are no weekday practices.

    Season runs from April 8 to May 20.

    Each team plays 6 games, with one bye-week.

  • Important Dates

    • January 2: Registration opens for players and coaches.
    • January 31: Early bird discount ends.
    • March 3: Registration deadline.
    • March 26: Teams rosters sent to players and coaches.
    • April 8: Season begins.
    • May 20: Season is over.
  • Cost

    Spring Season is $75 per player.

    Save $15 with Foothills Early Bird discount!

    We offer a $25 sibling discount to those registering more than one child.

  • Please check the Portland Youth Soccer Association website for weekly team matchups, game schedules and locations.

Fall Season

  • Important Dates

    Early May: Registration opens for players and coaches

    August 12: Registration closes

    August 15: Rosters are finalized and sent to coaches and parents, along with practice and game times/locations.

    August 29: Practices begin

    September 10: Games start

    Late October: Season is over.

  • Cost

    Fee is $125. Early Bird price is $100. Deadline for Early Bird registration is June 30th.

    A sibling discount of $50 will apply to those registering more than one child.

  • Practices

    2 evening weekday practices and 1 game on Saturday.

  • Field locations are provided by PYSA but are generally local PPS and Portland Parks fields.

U6/Kinder Soccer

  • Our U6 program is designed specifically for the Pre-K and Kindergarten ages. It is a co-ed Foothills program which is not run through PYSA. In the Fall the program includes one practice and one game per week after school on weekdays. The Spring program is games only on the weekends. The goal is a positive soccer experience that builds confidence and skill in a fun and relaxed setting.

  • 2023 Spring program will be on Saturday mornings from 10-11am. The program starts April 8 and runs for 6 weeks until May 13.

  • Location

    Spring games will be played at Albert Kelly Park.

  • Cost

    Fee is $50. Early Bird price is $35.

    A sibling discount of $25 will apply to those registering more than one child.

  • Team Size

    We target a time size of approximately 10 players. Each team will play two simultaneous games against another Foothills U6 team. Weekly matchups will be sent to coaches.

  • Game Format

    Two 3×3 games taking place at once. Players use a #3 ball and generally plan two 20 minute halves with a 5-10 minute break. Pop up goals are used, there are no goalies and the approximate field size is 30 x 20 yards.

  • Uniforms

    Uniforms are not required for the U6 age group. You are welcome to purchase a Foothills jersey at Tursi Soccer on Canyon Road, but it is not necessary.


  • Green Foothills Jersey, which can be purchased at Tursi Soccer on Canyon Road (this is the only location that supplies our jersey)

  • Black shorts (purchase anywhere)

  • Black socks (purchase anywhere)

  • Foothills will supply all recreational soccer players with a ball for the Fall season

Team Size

  • U7 (1st Grade): Ideal Roster 10 Players / Max Roster 12 players

  • U8 (2nd Grade): Ideal Roster 12 Players / Max Roster 14 players

  • U9 / U10 (3rd / 4th Grade): Ideal Roster 12 Players / Max Roster 14 Players

  • U11 / U12 (5th / 6th Grade): Ideal Roster 14 players / Max Roster 18 Players

  • U13 / U14 (7th / 8th Grade): Ideal Roster 16 Players / Max Roster 18 Players

Note that a specific teams roster size can be higher than the max, but must be agreed upon by the head coach

Game Format

Age Group Game Ball Size Time (mins) Goals Field Size (yds) Goalie
U7 3v3
2 games
#3 40 Pop-Ups 30×20 No
U8 4×4
2 games
#4 40 Pop-Ups 40×30 No
U9 U10 7v7
1 game
#4 50 6’x18′ 55×40 Yes
U11 U12 9v9
1 game
#4 60 8’x24′ 70×50 Yes
U13 U14 11v11 #5 70 8’x24′ 110×70 Yes


  • We always need coaches! Volunteers are vital to the success of our Rec soccer program! When you register your player please consider registering as a volunteer coach at the same time. Foothills is especially interested in encouraging more women coaches to join our program.

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