Foday Kabba

Foday Kabba, Director of Coaching

Foday has been part of the soccer community in the Portland area for over 20 years, since moving from Sierra Leone as a teenager.

As a stand-out club player and solid student, he was recruited to Gonzaga where he played. A career-ending knee injury cut short a possible professional career.

But Foday saw opportunity in adversity, and poured his passion for soccer, along with his time and talent, into building Kalabash Academy. Kalabash is a non-profit in West Africa working to create opportunity and build community through education and football. Foday is thrilled to be impacting the next generation of soccer youth on two continents, in two communities that love our sport.

Danny Mwanga

Danny Mwanga, Technical Director

As a player at Oregon State University Danny’s talent was evident from the start. An All-American after just two years with the Beavs, he was selected as a #1 Pick in the MLS Draft by the Philadelphia Union. Danny went on to play for other clubs including the Colorado Rapids, Orlando FC, and even our own Portland Timbers.

Danny was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo where he cultivated his love and passion for football. At the age of 15, he moved to Portland and considers the Pacific Northwest his home even with the many moves throughout his career. He’s honored to give back to the game he loves by sharing his experience, knowledge, and passion with his community

2024-25 Head Coaching Assignments


2015 Boys – Kolade Salaudeen / Seydou Sigue
2014 Boys – Foday Kabba / Kolade
2013 Boys – Danny Mwanga / Foday Kabba
2012 Boys – Danny Mwanga / Foday Kabba
2011 Boys – Joe Shah
2010 Boys – Devin Sutherland
2009 Boys – Devin Sutherland
2008/07 Boys – Jim Meurer


2015 Girls – Kenisha Macklin
2014 Girls – Jenny Larson
2013 Girls – Yaz Coto/Kenisha Macklin
2012 Girls – Dave Graham / Molly Carlson
2011 Girls – Jenny Larson/Matt Dacey
2010 Girls – Michael Davies