Support Community Multi-sport Field Improvements at Jackson Middle School

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Land Use Hearings Officer,

The undersigned families of the Foothills Soccer Club strongly support the proposed development of the Jackson Middle School sports fields as outlined in Case File: LU 22-185273 CU MS AD (PC# 22-155562). There is a severe shortage of lighted turf sports fields in the southwest Portland area and these fields are much needed for the development of youth soccer in the Wells High School catchment area.

Foothills Soccer Club represents over 1,000 children ages 5-16 in southwest Portland that will directly be impacted by an improvement such as the planned development for Jackson Middle School. As soccer has developed into a year-round sport, we have been required to frequently cancel practice between October and April due to grass fields being unplayable due to heavy rains and the fields that are useable become overused due to a lack of lighted field areas when there is less daylight. This proposal is the first step in helping to solve both of those problems.

You can view the field proposal Here

See club letter to FSC families Here